Burp Cloths

One of things I am trying to force myself to do is use up or sell my fabric. It is amazing what you can accumulate over time and we are trying to get rid of excess stuff (for many reasons). I still love to sew, but don’t need everything I now have. So, when we were invited to a baby shower for a friend I knew this would be an easy way to use some fabric and make a nice gift. After looking around Pinterest for ideas I found a simple tutorial at Made by Rae for burp cloths.


I love that I was able to use up some fabric that I had, but still loved. I also was able to match up fabric to old t-shirts and used those for the other side of the burp cloth. The yellow one is my sister’s old Michigan shirt and the green one is an old Patagonia shirt I used to wear ALL the time. Good to know they get a second life!

DSCN1002As we pare down, and since we have had kids I find that simple gifts (giving and receiving) work best for our family. When others give more generously or lavishly I sometimes find myself wondering if what I have to give is enough. However, in this case my friend was so grateful and seemed to really love the present.  Other people at the party even inquired about the process and commented on how nice it is to make something to give. It made me realize that my second guessing was not necessary. Baby shower success.


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