I love to garden and during the summer months I often make flower arrangements for the house. In the winter time I miss the blooms, but feel like buying flowers is frivolous. We don’t have any cheap place to buy them (like Trader Joe’s) and they always seem so expensive at the grocery store. So this month I have been doing (ok, half assed doing) Apartment Therapy’s January Cure. One of the assignments a few weeks back was to buy flowers, so I decided I deserved some. Especially after the plague that my family caught, I was needing some beauty in the home!

I picked out a bouquet, and once I put my kiddos to bed, immediately went to deconstructing and reconstructing. From one bouquet I got four different arrangements. Two for the kitchen table and two for the window above the sink.


The last of the flowers are just now dying so I guess almost two weeks of blooms and four arrangements is probably worth the $7.99 I spent! Plus, I spent a little time photographing them in my light box which equals creative me time.


flowers 3

Have a beautiful weekend!



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