Waves of Snow

2014-12-15 14.38.53

Two storms last week and one coming today. Some folks might moan and groan, but in our house we get excited. Ski boots sit near the wood stove ready to go. Last winter I was pregnant and was not able to ski. I quickly realized I would not choose to live here if I did not ski. Anyone who lives in northern New England and does not enjoy winter sports…..I just don’t get it….it was depressing.

Anyway, this year (focus on the now!), my husband and I were able to enjoy the fresh snow together for the first time in about two years. AMAZING. My legs hurt, my feet were frozen, but it was SO MUCH FUN! Looking forward to whatever storms mother nature sends our way this winter.

I kept noticing that the wind after the blizzard caused all the snow on the lakes to ripple, almost like waves. I found myself wishing I had a hovercraft so I could get an overhead photo of the textured surface of the lake. I had a minute to myself today and ventured down a dirt camp road to see if I could get a good picture. Not an overhead shot (obviously) but still pretty cool to see the waves of snow.


2015-02-01 14.35.24



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