Wintertime drives me into the kitchen. I love to cook, but once it gets cold I can’t help but make more cookies, soups and sweets. Maybe it is something instinctual? Like, I need to put on an extra layer of fat for the winter?

I have been craving granola lately and finally made this recipe which is just too good not to share. I have worked as a baker and cook in the past and tried plenty of granola recipes. When I came across this one over at The Kitchn I knew I had to try it. The title is How To Make the Best Granola.


Needless to say it did not disappoint. For awhile last year I even got in the habit of making a double batch regularly Sunday night and it would be gone before the weeks end.

The recipe comes from Megan Gordon who owns Marge Granola in Seattle. What I love about the recipe is that it gives you the basic framework for amounts, but you put in the things you like. I usually use whatever is in my cupboard. Oats (obviously!), sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, pecans, coconut and crystallized ginger were what I had this time. The things that I think take this recipe up a notch are the maple syrup, cardamom and salt. So really, don’t waste your time with other recipes. Get over The Kitchn and cook yourself a batch of this amazing granola this weekend!


If you are like me you’ll enjoy these oats over more oats! Steel cut oats, Maine blueberries, maple syrup, a splash of half and half and topped with granola. Yum!


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