Baby Blanket

You know those projects that you start and then NEVER finish? Yeah, me too. I have lots of them. I started this baby blanket probably 5 or 6 years ago.

baby blanket1It was originally going to be for my cousin’s new baby, then when I didn’t finish it in time, it was going to be for a friend’s new baby, then another friend. Then I realized I really just wanted it to be for my baby. One that I did not yet have. So I finished the front of this blanket and another one and I put them away.

Four years ago, after my son was born I pulled out the blue one and finished it up for him. This one still sat in my sewing bin and I knew/hoped I would use it for my second child. Now that baby #2  is almost 9 months old I figured I should finish it up!

baby blanket 2I don’t have much quilting experience. So I just kind of did what I thought was right. I used a basic subway tile type pattern using all sorts of leftover fabric I had. The circle fabric that covers the back is my favorite. Glad to have one more thing checked off my 1/2 finished project list! Onward and upward to the next thing…..


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