Easter Baskets

Fabric bins have been on my to do list forever. Just something I wanted to try, interfacing and all. When I realized I had no Easter baskets for the boys this motivated me to give it a whirl. After the bins serve their purpose as an Easter basket, we can put them to use in their rooms. I pulled out some fabric that matched their room decor and asked the four year old to pick his fabrics. The baby on the other hand had no choice, I picked what I liked. Sorry baby!

Easter bin_2

I found a tutorial that I liked via Pinterest on the Birch Fabrics blog. Side note, if you have never checked out their fabrics, you are missing out. They are beautiful. The Charley Harper and Feather River prints are my current favorites! I made the large bin and found the tutorial easy to follow. For the blue and yellow bin I followed the directions about putting the interfacing on the inside liner fabric and then I had trouble making the two bins (inside and outside) line up perfectly….it might have just been operator error. So on the second bin (the Riley Blake road trip fabric) I attached the interfacing to the outside fabric and did not have any trouble with the sizing of the inner and outer bins. It is possible I was just more careful. There is nothing more irritating than having to have fold overs to account for the inner liner and outer bin not matching up properly. Anyway, this was my first time using interfacing and I think all in all it was a successful project (minus the fact I busted a needle-oops!). Note to self, switch to a heavy duty needle before sewing interfacing!

easter bins_1

Overall, very easy and quick….I cut out the fabrics and was able to sew them during the day while my 4 year old did a craft project. This is almost unheard of.

Yesterday we dyed our eggs. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Easter.

Easter eggs


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