2015-04-04 16.50.16

So it has been a month since I snapped these photos and I am just finally uploading them so I can share. Ah, well. At least they are here now. I bought a bunch of carnations at the grocery store, since they seem to last so long. 2015-04-04 16.37.52

Before I arranged them for the house I took a little time to take some pictures. I was craving spring and tried to create my own flower buds above.

2015-04-04 16.59.16

I just love how they turned out. Might need to get one or two blown up for the myself. I did learn one important lesson however. I don’t tend to spend much time looking at my pictures while I am taking them, minus making sure they are in focus. I generally just take a bunch of shots and sit down to look at the photos afterwards. This final photo is probably one of my favorites, however it drives me bonkers that I didn’t notice that the piece of mica in the far left column is not in line. Ugh. Lesson learned!

2015-04-04 16.59.27


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