Still here!

So we bought our trailer, got our house on the market…, if we could just get out of here! My husband and I both have a tendency to think we can accomplish more than we really can. We were shooting to leave around early April. Each week we keep saying, maybe next week. So the end of April is rapidly approaching and we are still not leaving. Why?  Hmmmmm……good question. The trailer retrofit is coming along, but my husband is also working so managing both is tricky. I can’t put anything into the trailer until he is done making a mess. I have however, been sewing away. I have made sheets for the boys (mind you trailer beds are not normal sizes), throw pillows, black out curtains, regular curtains and next up is privacy curtains for the boys bunks. I think once we get on the road we will be glad we took the time to make some modifications and pretty the trailer up (why are trailers SOOO ugly?!) but in the meantime I am getting a bit antsy. I am however, enjoying spring and all the little things that seem to be emerging in our yard. Spring always puts a smile on my face!

IMG_6259 (1)


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