Inspiration Weekly

There is so much inspiration out there on the web. Here are a few things that I loved this week.

Instagram-I know this is nothing new. However, I have only been using it for my personal use, so I have few followers and it is set to private. I basically just post pictures of the boys for my family who live far away. This week I set up a Rock and Fern account (see side pics!) and started to look for other folks to follow. WOW! The following three folks post beautiful things!

Maura Grace of Folk Fibers, beautiful hand dyed fabrics and quilts.

Bookhou makes gorgeous bags. Very similar to the one I have been sketching out to make myself someday soon!

Hawthorne Threads, my favorite online fabric shop. They send out a great email newsletter which I always look forward to getting. They also do fabric giveaways. Someday I’ll win! Lately I have been loving their new indigo prints, like this one.

My sister just sent me a link to this article about the emotional benefits of knitting and other handicrafts. This does not really surprise me, focusing on one thing like this (or exercising) I found has major brain clearing benefits.

Hope you have a wonderful and healthy weekend!